Thursday, August 13, 2009

January 31 - February 2. Kalibo, Aklan. After Talingting, we all drove back to Roxas City and took a flight to Aklan. Upon arrival at Kalibo, we were met by Rod Solidum, President of the Rotary and our host, together with other Rotary members. We went straight to our hotel, Mang Domeng's, which is more like a Bed & Breakfast style accommodation, a three story building with several bedrooms on each floor. Had our sumptuous dinner at the restaurant, which is part of the building and met the very friendly and courteous dining staff. We were all tired and hit the sack right after dinner.

The following day, we were all ready for our fact finding as well as seeing the sites of Kalibo, Aklan. After our native breakfast, we walked over to Mr. Solidum's office, which is just a couple of blocks away, to see the slide show of the Rotary's projects. Saw the prospective greenhouse project and the seedling program at the Agriculture Garden. Greenhouse project is building a greenhouse at different barangays and teaching the people about planting different seeds such as okra, eggplant, etc. as a means of livelihood that could benefit several barangay families.

Mr. Solidum then took us for a ride around Kalibo and before we know it, it's lunch time by the sea shore. Our host, the Kalibo Rotarians prepared a seafood feast by the beach. We had crabs, fish, shrimp, clams and fresh vegetables, all freshly prepared for us. The Mayor of Aklan as well as Ms. Aklan joined us for lunch.

After lunch, we proceeded to Makato to look at their Payaw Fishing project. At present the village has five payaw fishing projects and they are in need of several more. Prospective livelihood payaw fishing projects are to be funded by Tuazon's donations and possibly HIRO of Hawaii through Feed the Hungry Inc. After refreshing ourselves, we went to see Sampaguita Gardens at night and had a wonderful dinner at their Chinese restaurant. Volunteers present were Tess, Pablito, Estela, Mario, Lottie, Willie, Fely, Manny and Joe C.

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